At our civil engineering department, we provide Road and Highway Design services that cater to the needs of various clients. Our services are aimed at developing safe, efficient, and cost-effective transportation systems. Here are some details about our services:

Road and Highway Design - Services -

  • Roadway Alignment Design

    We design horizontal and vertical alignments for roadways based on site conditions, topography, and surrounding infrastructure.

  • Pavement Design

    Our engineers use industry-standard methods to design pavements that meet the expected traffic loads, drainage requirements, and durability criteria.

  • Intersection Design

    We design intersections that provide safe and efficient traffic movements, with a focus on minimizing delays and accidents.

  • Traffic Control Design

    Our team designs traffic signals, signage, and pavement markings that comply with local and Governmental regulations and ensure safe and efficient traffic flow.

  • Roadway Lighting Design

    We design roadway lighting systems that provide adequate visibility and safety for drivers and pedestrians

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

    We conduct assessments to determine potential environmental impacts associated with roadway design, such as noise, air pollution, and stormwater runoff.

  • Construction Support

    Our team provides construction administration services, including contract administration, construction inspection, and project management, to ensure that construction activities comply with design plans and specifications.

Our Road and Highway Design services help clients to achieve their transportation goals by delivering safe, efficient, and cost-effective transportation systems that meet the needs of users and communities